Frequently Asked Questions


Here at NaturaliStone we will work with you side-by-side. Through our collaborating efforts and embracing of new ideas, we will transform your vision into a dream come true.

Q:Is it necessary that I work with a designer or architect?

A:Our team has all the knowledge and experience to guide you in finding the right material for your project. However, you will find that working with the correct professional side-by-side can be very helpful and makes a huge difference in the end result of your project.

Q:What should I bring along for my visit?

A:We have a huge selection of material. The best way for us to assist you is by envisioning your project and ideas so feel free to bring anything that you think might help. The more the better! Inspiration pictures, paint chips, material samples and architectural layouts, will all help us in the finding of the correct material for you.

Q:If the item is in stock, what is the delivery lead time?

A: Although delivery time varies upon product and quantity, our usual delivery lead times ranges from 48 to 72 hours.

Q: If it is a special order, what is the delivery lead time?

A:The lead time on special orders vary depending on quantity and destination, as well as location of the material. Once we review the specific information we will inform you of the lead time in less then 48 hours.

Q:How will my shipment or delivery take place?

A: Our drivers are specially trained and will care for your order appropriately and safely. We will arrange your delivery with the appropriate truck and equipment. For out of state deliveries we work with experienced and select carriers.

Q:What is the cost for shipping and delivery?

A: The cost for shipping and delivery depends on the quantity and distance of your project.

Q:Do you ship internationally?

A:Yes, we ship all over the globe. for specific information contact a sales representative.

Q:Do you install the product?

A: No, We are a material supplier only.

Q:Do you provide samples?

A:Yes, we definitely provide samples of our products. We even send them to you if needed. Visit our showroom or call us for more information.

Q:What is your return and exchange policy?

A:In regards to returns or exchanges you must read NaturaliStone's terms and conditions.

Q:What payments do you accept?

A:We accept Visa and MasterCard, cash, check, and wire transfers(certain restrictions apply).

Q:What finishes are available?

A:We offer a big selection of unique finishes on many of our products. For the most up-to-date information we recommend you visit our website.

Q:What type of materials do you offer?

A:We offer:

  • Marble

  • Limestone

  • Basalt

  • Terrazzo

  • Coral Stone

  • Granite

  • Quartz

  • Mosaics

  • Porcelain

  • And more

Q:What is the thickness of your slabs?

A:Slabs are available in 1/2" (1.2cm), 3/4" (2cm), or 1 1/4" (3cm). Contact us for more details.

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